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this is an on going diary of a battle with cancer of a young girl of three.
Bláthnaid Foley Trust
This site features daily news coverage of major medical meetings comprehensive treament and prevention news daily
cancer information site.
The purpose of this web site is to bring public awareness to this disease, to provide help to family‘s who have a loved one suffering from the Ewing‘s Sarcoma family of bone tumours and soft tissue cancer.
All in the zap telling it like it is "What is it like to have radio-therapy? These were the thoughts of a group of teenage patients. So they have put together a video and a booklet. This website is about to go live. Also other helpful links for parents and teenagers.
This is an Irish site who organisation supports men and women with cancer,their family and friends.
This is the famous barretstown retreat for fun and games for children with serious illness
looking for the best Doctor to treat your condition look here
Biomark is a privately funded biotech group. they specialise in Stem Cell therapy Immunotherapy and cancer Diagnostics. Stem cells are called magic seeds, they have the potential to cure all dieases regenerate organs and even prolong life. an excellent site
a research site.
A complete Bone Marrow transplant research site very good
bone marrow & stem cell transplant group
this is the new bone cancer research trust founded by parents who have lost their children and headed by dr Ian Lewis. Please help
in this site is Headstrong a childrens brain tumour information resource and is set to make a major impact children with brain tumours.
The bray Cancer Support Group
a great site with information and links for information resources.
A large information site
an Irish site dedicated to cancer care
best cancer treatment centers of america they have a call centre which you can ring to discuss worries and concerns and to find valueable information.
this site is for anyone wanting more information on their cancer
This is a site dedicated to providing the most up to date cancer information and treatment and prevention of cancer for patients and professionals.
an information site and resource guide for treatments and research
A website with stories of children and their fight with cancer
a research site.
This is an excellent site about a clinic in the US this clinic Has been treating cancer with non toxic methods successfully for 25 years.
This is a premier site full text information resource for healthcare professionals
this site is dedicated tp bringing the latest news on cancer treatments to the patient and carer.
a uk cancer research site.
If you have a son or daughter with cancer you may have a lot of questions This is a good site for that.
research site
A childrens cancer charity site.
This site is an Irish support group site for teenagers with cancer it is a fun site.
The information on this site may be of value to paediatricians and other involved in the care of children
An information site on childrens cancer plently og links here.
This is a great hospital in America to the treatment of children with cancer this hospital will often treat children from all around the world free.
a remarkable website with links to information to empower any parent with knowledge and resources and indeed adults looking for information on cancer.
a site dedicated to finding a cure for sarcoma.
a research site.
Provides patients with an on-line directory of clinical trials and cancer information specialists to perform clinical trials seaerches on behalf of patients.
up to date information site
Eurocare - publishes new childhood cancer survival figures. " republic of Ireland not included"
A site from europe with Irish links
A information site on ewings sacoma
If you want to find cancer experts in your diease you will fine here
This is the international childhood cancer wesite. ICCCPO‘s mission is to share information and experience in order to improve access to the best possible care for children with cancer everywhere in the world.
and information webite for adults
This is an Irish website dedicated to giving Irish children access to better health research and facilities.
the Irish cancer society website for adults in Ireland .
an irish health news website with discussion boards ect
a site for the research of treatment for Brain Tumors.
This is a site of a father looking for a cure for his son who has stage 4 Ewings Sarcoma It is a drama unfolding each day as you can read the fathers diary. This man is not going to stand back and let his son die.
In loving memory of Kyle Antony lee A lovely website in memory of a young teenager who died of Ewing‘s Sarcoma.
Countrywide residential professionally staffed Cancer care centre near Mullinger Co westmeath.
A website dedicated to teenaager Laura Crane in Lauras name the family are helping to provide facilities for teenagers with cancer in Hospitals
a woman hoping to get a much needed hospice for children in Dublin Ireland. as no such facility exists.
A new research sarcoma site. with very useful links. a very good research site.
The liza thaxter trust an organisation helping to raise funds for the research and cure of childrens cancers. they also sponsor The Magazine Contact a helping hand for families and young people with cancer.
This is a link to the famous Mayo Clinic in the USA
tomorrows medicine here to-day
Medical college of wisconsion USA research site
A "virtual medical center for patients" a comprehensive consumer health information library . Question and Answer medical speciality forum. this site is dedicated to helping patrients find the highest quality information in the world to-day. 5 million consumers each month use their services at no cost

www.medical education
this is a forum for dissseminating information on education physicians for health professionals.
Reliable doctor_ produced health and medical information for you. easy to understand medical knowledge. , to make smart decisions with you and your doctor.Stay informed get the latest health and medial news delivered to you email box.
a website with up to date information on the very latest research. In all medical conditions the very latest information is kept up the date daily
This is a link to the famous Sloane Kettering Clinic in New York City. It has a children cancer resource site.
The national alliance of childhood cancer parent organisations.It was formed by uk parent Organisations with shared aims of working with families and health professionals to support children with cancer.
This is the Irish National cancer registry.
a cancer specialist library site
A childrens medical research site
This site is an excellent information site where you can interact with professionals to get information.
medline plus will direct you to information to help to answer health questions the National Institutes of Health (NIH) easy access to medical research literature . database of full text drug info and an illustrated medical encyclopedia
The National purchase treatment plan information on getting your treatment quicker in the UK or abroad
This site is about if you want to get treatment in another EU country it is all about the E112 and how you can finance your treatment.
Our Ladys Hospital for sick Children Crumlin Dublin Ireland
a lovely story about a little girl who at this moment is battling ewings sarcoma
Keep up to date with breaking cancer news research
An Irish website with information for Irish Patients and links to government healthboards. and other useful Irish sites.
A website set up by ordinary people to get out information.
a site for research to make sure any treatment you are offered is not from quacks. a very good reasearch tool.
This is the Irish revenue Site. The Parents of a child suffering from cancer or dieases of the blood or bone are allowed travelling costs to and from the hospital and accomodation costs. the cost of minding the parents other children not allowed.
The Royal Marsden London the oldest cancer research hospital in the UK.
sarcoma information for patients and healthcare professionals hosted by a mediacal onocologist specializing in sarcoma treatment/
this is the Irish share a Dream Foundation making sick childrens dreams come true
a website for young people who have a family member affected by cancer to gain support, through social, practical, and emotional activies.
This is the St Vincent De Paul Site Which may be able to help you with your social needs in a difficult time. Discuss your needs with your local branch
St James Hospital Dublin
This is St Judes Childrens hospital in USA it a good resource and information site It also treats children from all around the world freely.
an excellent european site dedicated to giving information on melanoma and soft tissue sarcoma.lots of latest research info.
St Vincents Hospital Dublin Ireland The Public Hospital
St Vincents Private Hospital Dublin Ireland
The first European Internet services for cancer research, treatment, education interface providing to primarily european info,resources, and services related Cancer.
a site on pathology and how one should seek a second opinion
a UK childrens cancer research charity with has raised money for 25 years for the research and cure of childhood cancers
A Irish website for information
This site is about varians Smart Beam Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy Cancer Care for the Next generation. A fantastic new machine.
the Irish social welfare system look at your options and down load any forms you need
A new website for families of children diagnosed with Wlms tumour. It includes medical information and research news by professionals in the field.    |    Tel 0402 39370    |    |    web development